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Lilith Morgana

'Evil' is a strong word

Casterly Rock
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Past and present fandoms include: Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, Veronica Mars, Southern Vampire Series/True Blood, Dragon Age and Doctor Who. My most current obsession is A Song of Ice and Fire. I'm hopelessly devoted to anti-heroes and anti-villains of all kinds. While I love genfic I seem to have a semi-secret fondness for shipping.

My journal is almost only fandom, with fics and rants, the occasional meta and ever-so-deep musings on popular culture and/or the universe. Most of my fanfiction is from back in the old days, I write rarely these days.

|| masterlist of all my fics ||

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Friends and such: You are, of course, welcome inside. You are also more than welcome to add me, no need to ask. I will add you back if I think we'll have something to talk about - however, if I don't, you won't miss out on anything: fics, meta-posts etc are always public. If I have added you I possibly admire you or think you should admire me. When/if you grow bored of my particular brand of posts feel equally free to delete me from your reading list. No drama.

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